Ko Ku Ryo


Nguyen brothers partying it up with their best friends.



Tri’s acclaimed masterpiece: The beginning is the end is the beginning


First Foray

Here’s my first real attempt at using water color.  Its hella hard!  Had alot of fun messing around tho.



Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my future, the past that flew by and the pace of the present.

It feels like I’ve been running for so many years that it’s time to slow down. But no one else has slow down, everyone is still running, except for me. Do I keep running too? Do I keep following?

Last weekend I went out for a walk. I realized that I couldn’t even walk slow anymore. There was no rush to be anywhere. I just wanted to enjoy the weather, the walk, the sun, and my thoughts.

How long should I slow down for before I start the run again? I wish I could take life slower.

A bite at a time,

a step at a time,

a second at a time.

After all, we only live once.

Here’s my dawing

Here’s my lazy illustration of Harlem youths.  And yes, that’s baby rufus!


Beardy Beard beard

NOW, introducing (drums rolling)…. The beard of a CHAMPION!!  Crowd: ” Yaaaa Viiiic! Booo Tri and Mike! Booooo!”
I almost forgot to take this picture before I headed home to do deed.  I can finally see my face again. Yes!!dsc00748

Those Sweet Words

This song just puts a smile on my face =) and makes me dance around my room.

Journal. 01-28-09. Second Cup. Annex. WIP

coffeemaria_small  Snippets of a conversation:

 Maria: When are you going to give me my drawing?

 Tri: Uh.. when I have something good to give.

 Maria: It’s been six years!  I bought you the art supplies six years ago.  Just give me your scraps.

 Tri: No!

 Maria: I’ll pay you for it.  I’ll give you at least ten bucks.

 Tri: Ten bucks??? Why don’t you just crap on my chest?  At least I’d remember the experience!

 Maria:  Ok!  If that’s what you’re into!  Haha.

Harlem Newsboy

Here’s my version of Harlem Youth.  Decided to do a 1920’s style newsboy.  Please let me know if you have thoughts on what I can improve.  Does anybody have any ideas for the next drawing?


Beard-a-thon: Day 6

photo-8 First Casualty.

Stream of Consciousness

Ever since beard-a-thon started, the first thing I do in the morning is rush to the mirror to examine the night’s growth and  so far the effects have been less than stellar.  At best, I sort of look of like a muskateer but someone used to tell me that I make the transition from “clean cut” to “lecherous pervert” quite alarmingly after a few days worth of growth.

 I’ve been thinking about that someone quite a bit in recent days.

It was quite surprising what the casual mention of a name and a tiny facebook picture can conjure up.  This in turn lead me to think about me thinking about her.  

Sometimes I think if we’re lucky, feelings get a chance to live and die by their nature.  We get a chance to appreciate our experiences for what they are without yearning for more or less and realizing that they are neither grand nor insignificant but simply are what they are.  As somebody whose mind is never still and is constantly affected by external stimuli, it has always been difficult for me to see things clearly as they are.  Often times it is quite exciting and pleasant to so easily feel a surge of emotion but sometimes it can also feel overwhelming and unbearable.  

As I’ve gotten older, I don’t find myself getting better at being able to compartmentalize my emotions.   It’s still just as easy for me to laugh, cry, get angry, fall in love (GAY!) and those feelings associated are no less potent although sometimes I wish some of them were.  I have, however, gotten better at recognizing those feelings and letting them run their course.   For the feelings that make you angry or sad or just generally feel bad, you just brace yourself and try to bite down on something and weather the storm.  For the feelings that make you feel nice, you enjoy the ride for as long as you can but when its over, even though you want to stay on it a little longer, you know you have to get off so somebody else can get on.  

Lately, thats how I feel what life is like.  A never ending cycle of experiences filling you up to the brim, only so you can empty yourself so you can fill yourself up again.  And then you die.  Haha, I guess that can be quite a morbid thought because everything seems impermanent and meaningless.  But things that are insubstanstial have no ability to affect you and we can’t help but be changed as we live.  Somethings will linger with you each time you empty and fill.  Those parts of you that are truly who you are will remain, and the illusions which we build in our mind of ourselves will erode away a little each time.  We probably only resist change when we refuse to empty our cup and I don’t think there’s anything sadder than that (in an existential sense, getting bombed is much sadder in real life).  

Anyways, what started off as some thoughts about my asian beard had gone off in all sorts of crazy directions.  I guess recently, I’ve had the opportunity to revisit a much younger version of myself for a little while and I appreciate having that opportunity.  Tommorow I will feel weird about having posted this blog, especially since I work at a company full of dudes and I suspect some of them might read this but then again the whole point of Shun The Outsiders was to be a venue where we can be comfortable being ourselves.  Tommorow I will don my sarcasm and idiocy after I brush my teeth.  In a week I will probably only have the vaguest recollection of these sequence of thoughts.  

Tonight I just want to be empty.